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Rick Warren Promotes Kinder, Gentler Islam And Smiley, Happy One-World Religion



DEARBORN, MI – Saddleback Megachurch Pastor Rick Warren warmly addressed a large crowd of devout anti-Christians at Dearborn’s Islamic Center of America on Tuesday evening at a “Death to the Infidels” rally, encouraging them with talk of a “kinder, gentler Islam” and a “smiley, happy one-world religion” through which the world will soon become a much better and more united place.

Warren, who recently announced a name change to from Rick to Muhammad in a move to help promote his new book, The Purpose-Driven Mosque, continued to promote the idea of barriers being broken down between Muslims and Christians because “we all basically worship the same God anyway”.

“We have to stop getting so hung up on the little things that are being used by some to divide us,” pled Warren to a cheering crowd of dedicated followers of a false god and anti-Christ religion well known for their multi-century-spanning bloody war against Christianity. “Little things like the identity of God, the Word of God, the nature of God, the name of God and the Gospel of God can’t be allowed to keep us apart any longer.”

“We just can’t let these little things continue to divide us.”

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