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“Must Vote For Lesser Of Two Evils” Myth Kills Again



WASHINGTON, DC – More and more Americans are opting for the sweet release of death over voting for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump for President. But it doesn’t have to be that way according to a small but growing number of calm, collected, Christian voters.

A recent obituary making the social media rounds featuring a kind, intelligent woman who choose death over the prospect of “having to” cast a vote for The Donald or The Hillary represents an increasing trend in America, where roughly 9 out of 10 politically active adults actually believe that they “must vote for the lesser of two evils” provided in each Presidential election cycle by the corporate-owned system that spits them out and onto the ballot every four years.

“It really doesn’t have to be that way. We actually don’t have to vote for either of the evils cranked out by the corporate-owned Republican and Democrat political puppet show machines,” claimed Greg Jones, a 32-year-old Christian husband, father, and small businessman in a calm, confident tone. “The longer we buy into the ‘must vote for the lesser of two evils’ scam, the more evil the culture will become and the more hopeless our situation will seem. I mean, just look at us now: We’re down to Hillary and Trump. Just let those words sink in…”




“Then remember this: It’s okay to vote for a third party. Or write in somebody else. It really is.”

“I can understand why non-Christians get sucked into this game. Without truly knowing and trusting Christ as King, Provider, and Sustainer, people will inherently look to the State for provision and security instead. That’s how unrepentant people naturally work. That’s how cultures like ours become enslaved to tyranny and the insanity of things like Obama’s open toilet education proclamation.”

“But Christians have no excuse. We know better…or ought to.”

“If we won’t model Christ-centered faith and obedience to His Word as to what makes a qualified leader, who will?”

“Rush Limbaugh? MSNBC? Fox News?”

“I think not.”

“So contrary to what the System and its thoroughly programmed disciples try to sell us every four years, the choice that we have when it comes to selecting a leader in 2016 isn’t limited to Evil #1 and Evil #2.”

“The choice is between fear and faith.”

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