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Trump Releases List Of Super Villain Candidates For Supreme Court Vacancy



NEW YORK, NY – With the Republican Party nomination practically wrapped up and his campaign’s strategy now shifting into general election mode, Donald Trump has released a list featuring some of the most familiar names in the world of super-villainy as potential candidates to fill the current vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court.

“I have to say that these are some absolutely amazing people. They really are,” boasted Trump at a press event held at New York’s Trump Tower, where construction has already begun on a new super-villain headquarters and meeting place where plans for global domination can be hatched and polished among friends in the most glitzy, gaudy and luxurious of settings. “These incredible people have proven time and again to be among the very best at what they do. And that’s what America needs now: The best.”

“I mean, who doesn’t think that Skeletor or Sauron would make a fine Supreme Court Justice?”

“I know I do, that’s for sure.”

“And if it doesn’t work out for these guys on the Supreme Court, I have a whole Presidential Cabinet to fill. You can rest assured that I will definitely find a place for these people to serve in my administration. I’m not about to let talent like this sit on the sideline and go to waste.”

“And believe me, I know something about talent.”

“I know something about winning.”

“These people know what it takes to get things done in the real world.”

“They are winners.”

“Like Me.”

“And together we will make America great again…or blow it up trying!”

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