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Multimillionaire Rap/Rock Icons Join Forces To Form “Anti-Capitalism” Supergroup “Profits Of Rage”; Plan Giant, Lucrative Summer Tour



LOS ANGELES, CA – Members of such mega-successful and incredibly wealthy culture-raping bands as Public Enemy, Rage Against The Machine, and Cypress Hill, have come together to form a new “anti-capitalism” supergroup, dubbed “Profits of Rage”.

The new gang of multimillionaire “anti-capitalists” is finalizing plans to embark on a massive and incredibly lucrative tour during which it hopes to make even more piles of money promoting the very bilge that is causing the culture to go to hell around us.

“We just want the working people of the world to know that we’re all about them,” explained Public Enemy’s Chuck D, who is estimated to have a net worth of around 15 million dollars. “We’re here to fight the power that’s keeping us all down!”

“Yeah, the time has come for us to make another loud, angry, and incredibly profitable stand against the system,” added Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine, who’s net worth is reported to be roughly twice that of Chuck D’s. “We can’t just sit by and let this opportunity pass. There’s a massive amount of money to be made here!”

When asked if he had any plans to give enough of his personal wealth to his new band-mate so that they might have equal amounts of wealth to work and play with, Morrello simply laughed…while Chuck D did not.

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