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US Transgender Army To “Help Christians Learn Their Place” In New American Culture, Pentagon Confirms



WASHINGTON, DC – Hot on the heels of a recent US Senate vote to require women to offer themselves up to the American State by registering for the draft, ‘patriotic’ proponents of the same Orwellian perpetual war machine have announced that men pretending to be women will also be used to “represent and defend American values” both overseas and at home, with a particular emphasis on “helping Christians in the homeland to learn their place in the new American culture”, according to a report released today by the Pentagon.

“It’s obviously really important at this point to help Christians in America get with the progressive sexual identity program,” explained General Pat at a press conference coinciding with the launch of the US Army’s new Program to Militarize Sexual Trans-Deviants (PMSTD). “We’ve come so far so fast in recent years, but there are some in America who aren’t embracing the diversity of sexual perversion and anti-Christian values that make America great, so we need to be ready to deal with them in a productive, helpful manner.”

“To that end, a new Transgender Division of the US Army will soon be here to help these Christians learn to be quiet, do as their told, and find their place in the new American culture.”

“What better way to send a clear message to these intolerant, judgmental, narrow-minded religious bigots than by giving a bunch of trannys all the military hardware and government authority they need to make progress happen?”

“God bless America! And happy Independence Day weekend!”

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