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Concerned Christian Uses Facebook And Google To Warn Pokémon Players About The Dangers Of Data Mining



SALT LAKE CITY, UT – With the unprecedented success of Pokémon GO, a location-based augmented reality mobile game that allows players to capture, battle, and train cute little virtual creatures on their mobile devices, some Christians are finding themselves even more terrified and unhinged than usual and are feeling compelled to take to the Internet to warn the “poor, deceived masses” about the dangers of things like Pokémon.

One such man, Fred Rose, a 47 year old IT guy from Salt Lake City who just hates it when people really enjoy things like games, has made it his personal mission to warn people of the dangers of data mining, something which Fred is convinced that “people don’t really understand or appreciate as a threat”.

“When a company like Nintendo or whoever owns this Pokémon thing gets you hooked into their little Pokémon land or whatever on your cell phone, what most people don’t realize is that the company then has access to pretty much all of the information you have on your cell phone,” Rose noted in one of many lengthy posts made to warn others on his Facebook and Google+ pages. “We have to stop letting these companies use us this way!”

“Why are people so stupid and gullible? Why do they fall for something so obviously a tool of the devil as Pokémon?” asked Jan Cook, a regular social media presence and friend of Fred’s, in response to one of Rose’s many recent Facebook posts on the dangers of things like fun. “It’s like they’re just a bunch of hopeless, clueless addicts who can’t stop using no matter how clear the threat to their privacy.”

“It’s just so very sad,” Fred agreed in a follow-up response after ‘liking’ Rose’s initial response in his Facebook thread.

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