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No Sane Person Willing To Blame Truck For Killing 84 In France



NICE, FRANCE – As concerned citizens pray, mourn, and wonder in the the aftermath of tragedy in which 84 were cruelly killed and over 300 more were injured after being purposefully run down by a 19 ton cargo truck during Bastille Day celebrations, nobody with any sense whatsoever seems to be inclined to blame the truck for any of the pain or damage it was used to inflict upon others.

“I completely blame the homicidal maniac driving the truck,” explained one saddened observer when approached by local media for comment as to how public access to things like trucks should be further limited in light of the tragic events in Nice. “I don’t blame the truck at all. Honestly, I would have never thought of assigning any blame at all to the truck until you asked me about it just now.”

“Why would I blame a truck for what its driver caused it to do?”

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