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Christians Still Refuse To Connect The Dots On Children’s Education



JACKSON, MS – Despite President Obama’s transgender bathroom decree and the inherently Marxist/Satanic nature of a State-run children’s education system based clearly upon the satanic model for pursuing knowledge first introduced in Genesis 3, tens of millions of professing Christians in America are once again dutifully handing over their impressionable, vulnerable little boys and girls to the State for yet another year of explicitly anti-Christian worldview training.

“It’s just horrible what’s going on in the public schools these days,” lamented Ricky Bobby, a middle-aged businessman, father of three young students at Anton LaVey Elementary School, and honorary deacon at a local Baptist church. “What with all of the homosexual stuff, gay marriage, redefinition of family, acknowledgment of the legitimacy of false religions, and ongoing dismissal of Jesus as the essential core of any subject covered, things just seem to be getting worse and worse with each passing year. It’s the strangest thing.”

“If this keeps up much longer, I might have to seriously think about getting my kids out of there.”

“I just pray it never comes to that, and that God will somehow, some way protect my precious little children’s hearts, minds, and souls from the satanic worldview factory I plan to feed ’em to all year long…again.”

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