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Mike Pence’s Diabolical Plan To Secure Presidency Unfolds Without A Hitch



INDIANAPOLIS, IN – When conservative Christian homeschooling advocate Mike Pence accepted Donald Trump’s offer to become his running mate, many wondered what the highly regarded Indiana Governor was thinking or smoking. Some wondered if he really knew what he was getting into while others openly questioned his sanity outright for attaching himself to the likes of Trump.

Yet with The Donald’s image now imploding under an avalanche of self inflicted wounds the likes of which have never before been witnessed in presidential politics, it appears that “Vice President” nominee Mike Pence has been far more clever, shrewd and downright diabolical than anyone could have imagined even just a few months ago.

As the sheer brilliance of Pence’s positioning has begun to come into full view over the past 24 hours, a shocked and awe stricken political class cannot help but marvel at the genius that is Mike Pence.

“It all seems so obvious now, but just two days ago none of this was even on anyone’s radar,” explained one well-known CNN personality on condition of anonymity. “I mean, who’s really surprised that all of this footage has come out on Trump? Who’s really surprised that Trump has redundantly, vividly proven himself to be a vulgar, proud, vice-swilling, woman-hating pig?”

“Nobody, that’s who.”

“Especially soon-to-be Republican nominee for President Mike Pence.”

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