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Deceased Princess Leia Actress Not Now “One With The Force”, Pesky Bible Confirms



THIS GALAXY RIGHT NOW – Despite a torrent of proclamations that Carrie Fisher is now “one with the force” after passing away late last year, she is in fact not actually one with the force at all, according to billions of pesky Bibles all over the world and the many people who actually read and believe them.

Passages from Hebrews 9, John 5, Matthew 7, and numerous other places detailing the coming judgment of individuals and their acts have proven to be both profoundly relevant in the wake of Fisher’s death and profoundly annoying to millions who prefer to avoid such hard truths while distracting themselves through immersion in things like Star Wars mythology.

“I just prefer to think of Leia as being happy and safe in some ghost-like holographic form like the ones of Anakin, Obi-Wan and Yoda at the end of Return of the Jedi,” noted Star Wars fan Brian Jones in a thread at one of several online forums recently dedicated to celebrating the life of Princess Leia and/or Carrie Fisher. “And I’m not gonna let some intolerant, narrow-minded, judgmental religion like Christianity get in my way.”

When asked if that was “his final judgment on the matter”, Jones responded angrily.

“What judgment?! I don’t judge! I didn’t make a judgment! How dare you!”

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