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Bible Answer Man Converts To Tradition Answer Man



CHARLOTTE, NC – In the wake of Hank Hanegraaff’s conversion to the Eastern Orthodox religion, The Bible Answer Man program that he’s been hosting for decades will be renamed and rebranded as The Tradition Answer Man.

“Simple honesty requires that we make this change,” noted a source close to the program’s production on condition of anonymity. “I mean, everybody knows that the Bible isn’t the single ultimate source of authoritative answers in the Greek Orthodox religion, so how can we not make this change? In Hank’s new religious perspective, tradition is the lens through which even the Bible must be tested and understood, so The Tradition Answer Man fits like a glove with our host’s – and therefore our program’s – new direction.”

Not all involved in the show’s production are keen on the name change, including Hanegraaff himself.

“He actually seems to thinks that his conversion from a sola scriptura perspective to a fundamentally different view isn’t really that big of a deal,” explained another staffer involved with the show’s production. “But for some people, scripture as the ultimate authority for testing and understanding all things is kind of a big deal.”

“Sounds like something The Bible Answer Man might have said a few years back, doesn’t it?”

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