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Trump To Seek Both Democrat And Republican Nominations In 2020


WASHINGTON, DC – President Trump plans to seek both Republican and Democrat Party nominations in 2020, according to several highly placed and probably Russian advisors close to the White House.

“After this week’s deal with Democrat leadership to allow amnesty for illegals while not actually building the wall while still pretending to build the wall, the President has positioned himself brilliantly to seek both major party nominations in 2020,” explained a Trump confidant on condition of anonymity. “Obviously, his well established and very public record as a self-serving, fundamentally unprincipled man willing to do anything to get what he wants at any given moment is a matter of record. I mean, he’s a flaming secular progressive who somehow gets the Christian vote and he’s a top lev el financial insider who somehow gets support from those being crushed by our rigged financial system.”

“No one in human history has been so well positioned to be the nominee for both major American political parties at the same time.

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