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Christian T-Shirt Maker Forced To Retire After Running Out Of Secular Logos To Rip Off


EVANSVILLE, IN – A local Christian t-shirt designer with a once thriving regional apparel business has been forced into retirement after running out of secular logos to rip off.

“It’s hard to explain. I never saw it coming,” said Creative Christian Concepts designer and business owner Ben Jenkins while manning what is easily the most ignored and avoided kiosk at the Evansville Mall. “I just sort of hit a creative wall once I’d exhausted the available logos designed by creative secular minds working for creative secular businesses. Until they come up with something new for me to work with, I’m pretty much done.”

“I mean, how many variants of Coca-Cola and Heinz ketchup logo knock-offs can one man be expected to crank out? I’m a creative guy, but I have my limits,” bemoaned Jenkins while riding out the last month of his mall lease on a wooden stool next to racks of unsold Pepsi, Gold’s Gym, and Cheerio ripoff designs.

“I’ve submitted my resume to several of the best graphic design and marketing firms in the region, so I’m hopeful,” added Jenkins as a tumbleweed rolled past his stool. “I included a full portfolio of all of my best work, so I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before one of them snaps me up.”

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