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About The End Times

The End Times is a news satire and parody site presented from a Christian worldview perspective.

Most articles (well, all of ’em so far, actually) have been written by Scott Alan Buss of the Fire Breathing Christian blog. Scott’s wife, Holly, helps with marketing, editing, social media, and responding to emails (especially during normal weekday business hours, when Scott is generally unavailable).

The Big Idea that inspired us to launch The End Times is this:

For far too long, Christians have ceded the most culture-impacting realms of creation to the enemies of Christ. As a result, the arts have been overrun and dominated by anti-Christian worldviews that have used their cultural influence to lead us all deeper and deeper into darkness.

Comedy has become a cesspool. Satire and parody have become saturated in perversion. The lack of Christian worldview perspectives shining through God’s creation of humor has taken an incredible toll.

We’re here to help change that.

With The End Times, we aim to engage in the culture-shaping realms of satire and parody in a manner that not only makes people laugh, but prompts them to think critically and, more importantly, biblically, about the issues, causes and personalities shaping current events.