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Creflo Dollar Residence Wins Bid To Host Olympics


NEW YORK, NY – The International Olympic Committee today announced that the 2024 Summer Olympics have been awarded to Creflo Dollar’s Atlanta residence. The recently completed mega-mega-mansion had been competing with Rome, Paris and Los Angeles for the honor of hosting the games.

“We couldn’t be more pleased,” said Linda Jenkins, Chief Spokesperson for Dollar’s World Changers ministry. “What better way to validate and promote the Dollar gospel than by having a home so large and audacious that it literally beats out some of the finest cities in the world to host the Olympic Games.”

Taffi Dollar, Creflo’s wife, dismissed initial concerns that hosting the Olympics would interfere with normal Dollar family activities.

“Oh no, there’s nothing to worry about there,” insisted a jubilant Mrs. Dollar with a smile. “We’ll barely even notice that the Olympics are going on. Our main living areas are almost halfway across the house from where the Olympics will be held.”

At the time of this report it is unclear how being awarded the 2024 Summer Olympics will impact Mr. Dollar’s New Jersey vacation home’s bid to host the 2026 Winter Olympics.

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