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Hindenburg Survivors Still Not Convinced Flying Is Safest Way To Travel


MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP, NJ – Two living survivors of the infamous Hindenburg Disaster are still not convinced that flying is the safest way to travel.

George Schumacher and Helen Linz, child passengers aboard the infamous Hindenburg as it attempted to dock at Naval Air Station Lakehurst and exploded into a fireball of biblical proportions nearly eighty years ago, are still unconvinced by mountains of statistical evidence and airline propaganda as to the comparative safety and general awesomeness of air travel.

“When your earliest experience with air travel involves the sudden transformation of everything around you into a blinding white hot fiery wave of death and destruction,” noted Linz, “you tend to be a little less impressed by things like pie charts and spreadsheets showing how great and safe it is to fly.”

“It’s like having Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as the two choices in your first presidential election,” added Schumacher.

“You’d lose all faith in the very concept of democracy.”

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