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Hillary Clinton Explains Why Women Must Be Allowed To Murder Their Children With Impunity

HillaryAbortionWASHINGTON DC – In the wake of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump suggesting that women having their children killed via abortion should perhaps suffer a penalty for their willingness to massacre the innocent little babies growing in their wombs, presumptive Democrat Party nominee Hillary Clinton rose to defend the right of women in America to have their children grotesquely murdered without fear of any kind of legal penalty whatsoever.

“It’s hard to believe that we’re even having this conversation in 2016 America,” Clinton indignantly cackled at a Witches and Satanists for Child Sacrifice & Hillary Clinton event in Washington. “The freedom to sacrifice children for any reason or no reason at all is a fundamental right that progressive, enlightened, utterly self-absorbed and emotion-driven women have fought tooth and claw to secure, and we’re not about to let it slip from our cold, heartless, witchy talons!”

“To even suggest that the murder of a human baby in the womb should be treated as the murder of a human baby is patently absurd, dangerous, and incompatible with American values,” added an increasingly unhinged Hillary before her high-mileage, sickly frame hunched over and contorted uncontrollably in a now-typical coughing fit, during which many attending the event reported to have heard what sounded like demonic voices gurgling out in-between Clinton’s coughs.

“The right to legally protected child sacrifice is as sacred and central to the identity of America as the right to openly worship Allah or Satan…or the right to gay marriage…or the right to make or sell or buy porn…or…oh, you get the picture.”

“God bless America!”

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