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Southern Baptist Convention Launches Mosque Building Program To Promote Religious Liberty and Niceness


NASHVILLE, TN – The Southern Baptist Convention has announced plans to launch an ambitious new program to build mosques all across the nation in order to help foster religious tolerance and “a general sense of niceness” towards all. The massive mosque proliferation plan will be launched through a denomination wide “Mosques Across America” building fund that will appeal to SBC members on the basis of love for “religious liberty” and “the God-given right of anyone to worship any god anyone wants, including Allah.”

“The time has come for Baptists to show true American Christian love for our openly Allah-worshiping neighbors. The time has come for us to take a meaningful, mosque-building stand for their right to worship,” explained Dr. Russell Moore, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, the public-policy arm of the Southern Baptist Convention. “When it comes to religious tolerance and enabling people to do what they feel is right, regardless of anything that any particular God or Bible has said on the matter, it’s time for us as good American Baptists to put our money where our mouth is and help our Muslim friends build the mosques that they need!”

When asked if he saw any contradiction or problem with a Christian denomination actually funding the construction of buildings meant to be used to actively promote the worship of false gods and warfare against the true God and His people, Christians, which supposedly comprise the majority of members in the Southern Baptist Convention, Moore seemed unconcerned.

“Oh no, there’s nothing to worry about there. This is America!”

“And here in America, all religions are to be treated equally. Everyone in America has a God-given right to worship false gods and build mosques or covens or even satanic temples,” added Moore with a smile while unrolling blueprints for a mosque that he personally plans to help build in Middle Tennessee. “Those are the rules in America, and we have to play by those rules as good American Baptists.”

“So bring on the mosques!”

When asked whether this approach to religious liberty, if applied consistently, might one day inspire the SBC to help build witches coven facilities or satanic temples, Moore smiled even bigger and tilted his head while staring straight on and glazing over for a sec before answering.


“Why not?”

“This is America.”

“And above all else, we Southern Baptists want to be good Americans.”

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