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Thousands Of Pouting “Atheists” Gather To Whine About The God They Say Doesn’t Exist


WASHINGTON, DC – Thousands of self-described “atheists” and like-minded God-haters gathered at rallies around the country over the weekend to judge, pout, and whine about the God they say doesn’t actually exist by making endless appeals to objective standards of truth, ethics, morality, and judgment that they cannot account for apart from Him.

“Yeah, how could anyone believe in a God who does the things God is supposed to have done in the Old Testament?” asked a typical twenty-something year old American college product by the name of Brian when interviewed by an enthusiastic fellow God-gating reporter from CNN. “I mean, any God who would do what that God claims to have done in that old book has to be evil.”

When asked by a passerby for the basis upon which something like an objective standard of evil could exist in his God-denying worldview, Brian said, “Ummmmmmmmmm…well…it’s just evil, man!”

While “reason” was supposedly the theme of these Reason Rally gatherings, it was clear to even the most casual observer that the real reason for these people getting together was so that they could pout and whine about the God they both A) claim doesn’t exist, and B) really, really hate…all while never seeming to be bothered by the fact that none of them could find a rational basis for reason or objective standards of truth and morality in their worldview.

“I can be good without God!” exclaimed one older man while holding up a sign saying the same.

When asked to explain how his subjective, self-referential, emotion-driven worldview could even begin to account for an unchanging, objective standard of goodness, the man just smiled, shrugged, and admitted, “Oh, I can’t. Never said I could. And I don’t think you or anyone else can either.”

“I just say I can be good and that makes it so.”

“That’s what reason is all about.”

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