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JD Hall Reminds World Why He Shouldn’t Be Blogging


SIDNEY, MT – Concerned that the people of planet earth may have forgotten why they were once so very happy to hear that he retired from blogging back in April, JD Hall decided to blog again this week, reminding us all of the many powerful and compelling reasons why he really shouldn’t be allowed near a keyboard that is in any way connected to the Internet.

In the typically childish, bullying style that made him an online legend and helped drive him into “retirement” from blogging in the first place, Hall yesterday cranked out another excruciatingly sophomoric and painfully poorly researched rant for the Pulpit & Pen blog site. This time out, his kiddie-pool bully vibe and selective aversion to things like research, facts, and truth culminated in a post aimed at painting beer drinking as “debauchery” and a libertarian approach to tattoos as a sure sign of girlish wispiness when it comes to understanding, much less defending, the True Faith.

“I just thought it was really important for someone to model thoughtful, mature biblical manhood to these idiotic hordes of giggling, girlie, wannabe ‘Reformed’ hipsters,” explained Hall. “It seemed like the perfect opportunity to let them know that, no matter how cool they think they are, and how uncool I am assuming and happy to publically proclaim some of them must have been earlier in life, they can, if they just shut up and start listening to what I have to say, one day be a wise, gracious, biblically grounded mature Christian man like me.”

“You’re welcome!”

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