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Jesus Deemed “Legalistic” For Linking Love To Obedience

John 14 21

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Jesus was “a legalist who sought to impose obedience by abusing the concept of love”, according to a report recently released by Love Over Law (LOL), a group of “committed Christians” dedicated to advancing the concept of lawless love under the banner of Christianity.

The report, written by a panel of LOL academics and leaders who just can’t stand the thought of sound judgment being used to test them or anything they believe in light of Scripture, singled out a variety of “troubling”, “intolerant”, and “judgmental” phrases attributed to the prophets, the apostles, and even Jesus himself, in which there were “clear expectations of obedience to the law of God as evidence of true love for God”.

John 14:21 in particular seemed to really set off LOL .

“This idea of obedience to God being so shamelessly linked to love for God really is disgusting,” claimed LOL panelist and women’s religious studies expert Jezebel Munster during a public roundtable discussion held to promote the new report. “How ridiculously judgmental and legalistic! To even suggest that true love has an objective meaning attached to other concepts that have objective meanings is just so subjectively wrong!”

“And, as we all know, subjective standards are the only ones that matter,” Munster added. “We can’t go around expecting others to actually conform to our particular understanding of any particular thing, including love.”

When it was pointed out during panel Q&A that such a view relegated even her own opinions to be practically meaningless, Munster just sort of sat there with an angry look on her face for a while.

“Oh, no, MY views are different, ” clarified Munster as the other LOL panelists’ heads bobbed in agreement. “My views are based on facts.”

“Like the fact of my self-centered, emotion-driven, rage-fueled rebellion against the Law of God, for example.”

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