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Couple Prays To Make It Through Summer Vacation So Public Schools Can Get Their Children Out Of Their Way Again


KOKOMO, IN – A local Christian couple is praying for God’s grace to sustain them through to the end of summer vacation, at which time the State will resume its whisking away of their two elementary aged children for daily immersion in explicitly anti-Christian worldview training, thus freeing up their time to pursue more important things than actually raising their children in a hands-on manner throughout each day.

“I know it’s only July 18th and school hasn’t even been out for a month yet, but I just don’t think I’m gonna make it,” confessed Greg Mooch, a 29 year old attorney, while sitting next to his wife, Kathy, a 27 year old dental assistant, on their living room sofa during a family therapy/strategy session hastily arranged when their two children, Adolph (9) and Lilith (7), miraculously decided to take naps at the same time. “I keep telling myself to hang in there, and that it’ll only be a couple more months ’til we get our lives back, but man, after these first few weeks, two more months seems like an eternity!”

Mrs. Mooch echoed her husbands frustration.

“Hiring babysitters and running home during my lunch and breaks to help with the kids is making work so much harder,” Mrs. Mooch noted. “And don’t even get me started on my workout time, my friend time, my Facebook time, and my me time. Those things are practically nonexistent right now, and that just seems so wrong and unhealthy.”

“How are we supposed to live the American Dream if we can’t even focus our lives on ourselves?”

“Who knew summer could be such a drag?”

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