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Return Of Bubba “Totally Creeps Out” White House Interns


PHILADELPHIA, PA – Following last night’s speech from former President Bill Clinton at the Democrat National Convention, White House interns and prospective White House interns are “thoroughly creeped out” by the prospect of Predator Bubba’s return to the Oval Office or any offices near the Oval Office.

“Um, hasn’t he, like, sexually abused a bunch of women throughout his entire political life and even been credibly accused of rape?” asked Tiffany Smart, 21, in an online forum dedicated to addressing the concerns of current and prospective White House interns. “Is it just me, or is the thought of this guy roaming the halls of the White House again just about the creepiest thing ever?!”

Smart’s thoughts were indicative of hundreds of similar posts and responses expressing serious concern over allowing a sexual predator known to view himself as above the law back in the White House.

“Maybe we could put up one of those Megan’s Law warning signs all around the White House, alerting anyone entering the building that there’s a known sexual predator on the loose.”

“And that he’s, like, totally above the law.”

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