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Republicans To Build Giant Wall Between Politics And Biblical Christianity


NEW YORK, NY – Conservative “experts”, leaders, media icons and talking heads from across the nation are coming together to “make America great again” by building a giant, impenetrable wall between secular conservative politics and biblical Christianity.

The passionate gang of thoroughly paganized “conservatives” hopes to complete the massive building project by midnight on Monday, November 7, so that any and all pesky worldview details flowing from a biblical Christian perspective might be safely sequestered away and prevented from interfering with Donald Trump’s increasingly gay and increasingly Progressive run at the White House.

Ann Coulter, promoting her new book, In Trump We Trust – E Pluribus Awesome!, and Milo Yiannopoulos, promoting a “gay conservative” worldview through his “Dangerous Faggot Tour” of college campuses, are two of many loud, flamboyant voices calling for professing Christians in America to finally and fully ditch – or at least set aside long enough to vote for Trump – any core tenants of Christianity that conflict with the increasingly gay, increasingly Progressive, and increasingly Orwellian secular conservative approach to law, government, and pretty much everything else.

So far, professing Christians have responded warmly to encouragement from the likes of Coulter by making her new pro-Trump book an instant best-seller, proceeds from which will go to funding the “great wall of Christian isolation that our country so desperately needs at this critical moment”, according to a press release from Sentinel, the publishers of In Trump We Trust – E Pluribus Awesome!.

“Not only will we build this wall,” explained the press release. “But the Christians will pay for it!”

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