Home Politics 2016 Presidential Campaign President Awards Hillary With Prestigious “Immunity To Law” Award

President Awards Hillary With Prestigious “Immunity To Law” Award


WASHINGTON, DC – In a solemn ceremony conducted at the White House this morning, President Obama presented former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with the prestigious Immunity To Law Award.

The event follows a similar ritual moderated by FBI Director James Comey last month in which Mrs. Clinton was presented with the Big Brother Award Of Perpetual Immunity.

The physical Immunity To Law Award, a large, golden Department of Justice logo designed to spit out “Get Out Of Jail Free” cards as needed, was hoisted onto Hillary’s neck by the President as he half jokingly assured her not to worry if she ran out of cards.

“We can print as many as you need”, the President’s staff then chanted in unison, inspiring laughs and applause from the large contingency of press and media figures in attendance.

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