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7 Out Of 10 Americans Believe Media Experts Are Actually Morons


NEW YORK, NY – Seven out of ten Americans currently believe that those put forth by mainstream media as experts are actually morons, according to recently results from a recently released in-depth survey.

The survey was conducted in the aftermath of presidential election results that contradicted practically everything that had come out of an “expert’s” mouth on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox News prior to the election, leaving mainstream media and its hired hordes of “experts” scrambling to better understand where they currently stand with the public.

The survey once again confirmed a deep divide among the population, with 68% of Americans describing American media experts as “morons” while 30% viewed the talking heads of CNN, Fox, and the like as “God-like geniuses who love us and only want what’s best for humanity”. Those who viewed the experts in question as God-like geniuses had a 98.1% likelihood of voting Democrat, according to additional survey findings.

The remaining 2% of respondents were divided between categorizing media experts as “ignorant drones” (1.2 %) and “computer generated fake people” (0.8%).

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