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Major Networks Merge To Form Giant Fake News Organization


NEW YORK, NY – In an effort to more effectively propagate various narratives put forth by Corporate/Statist elites, all remaining major network news outlets have agreed to formally merge into a single giant, Borg-like fake-news-spewing organism.

“There can be no dissent from The Narrative,” explained one recently assimilated journalist on behalf of the collective hive mind that she how even more mindlessly represents. “To question whether the State should control things like children’s education or promote things like perpetual war through the use of fictional money made out of thin air is something that simply cannot be tolerated.”

“All in the name of tolerance, of course.”

Some have expressed concern at this development, citing what they see as inherent problems with the notion of a unified Corporate/Statist voice crushing all would-be dissent from The Narrative.

“Am I the only one not hitting a crack pipe regularly these days?” asked 32-year-old self-employed father of five Brian Bahnsen via Facebook. “What will it take for these idiots and their ‘Narrative” to finally go away?”

Shortly after his post was made, Brian’s Facebook page was terminated, his homeschooled children were seized by the State, and, according to various fake news reports, he “was lovingly escorted to a fine re-education facility, where he will be encouraged to embrace the beauty of diversity and tolerance”.

“As defined by the Corporate State.”

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