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Public School Teachers Demand Pay Raises So They Can Afford Private School For Their Children


CHICAGO, IL – For the second time since 2010, Chicago area public teachers are going on strike for higher wages, this time so that they can afford private schools for their children.

“You think I’m gonna send my kids to my school?” asked Chicagoland fifth grade teacher Bertha Orwell while picketing with a gang of disgruntled public school teachers in front of Chicago’s Anton LaVey Elementary. “I know what goes on here. I teach here when I’m not on strike.”

“And there’s no way I’m sending my kids to be educated in this place!”

With over 40% of Chicago public school teachers now opting to send their children to private schools, the increasing cost of private education is inspiring more and more public school teachers to demand higher wages so that they can afford a decent education for their children.

“This strike will go on for as long as it takes to secure our children’s ability to pursue a decent education in private school,” added ninth grade public school art teacher Sylvia Huxley in between chants of “Hey Hey! Ho Ho! To private school our kids must go!”

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