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Local Daycare Offers Kids Head Start On Illiteracy


KNOXVILLE, TN – In an effort to free up parents for more important/fun things than educating their own young children, Kid Kountry Learning Center in Knoxville is offering what it calls a “Yung Scholerz” discount for any three- or four-year-old who is enrolled in any of its “educational” programs by the end of the month.

“Yep, we’z all ’bout education, just like the name say,” explained Hank Williams III, Kid Kountry’s owner and Director Of Edumacation. “We know that these days parents got other stuff to do and that they don’t need no kids gittin’ in the way, so we try to help make it easy for ’em. By slapping the words ‘learning center’ up on the sign there, we help parents pretend to be doing something good for they kids.”

“If they can say to themself, ‘Hey, I’m sending my little Johnny or Jane off to get a head start on edumacation’, then they gonna feel way much better ’bout dumping they kids off with us. It’s all about ‘education’,” added Williams while making air-quotes around the word “education”.

“And nothin’ says education like Kid Kountry Learning Center!”

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