Home Business Boy Scouts Rebrand As “Trans Scouts”; Hire RuPaul As New Mascot

Boy Scouts Rebrand As “Trans Scouts”; Hire RuPaul As New Mascot

IRVING, TX – Citing a need to “diversify beyond the outdated and unnecessarily restrictive categories of male and female”, the Boy Scouts of America have announced that as of June 1 they will be known simply as Trans Scouts.

In a press release distributed earlier today, Boy Scouts leadership also announced that famous crossdresser and drag queen RuPaul has been hired as the organization’s new mascot.

“As Trans Scouts, we transcend things like gender and sex, and what better way to inaugurate our new gender-blending brand than by hiring RuPaul as our new spokesbeing?” asked Boy Scouts President Pat B. Kluless rhetorically in the press release. “With fine role models like RuPaul leading the way, we Scouts are set to flamboyantly blaze a red hot trail into the awesomely all-inclusive transgender future!”

“Yay us!”

In related news, the Girls Scouts of America are reportedly not sure why they should even bother existing anymore.

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