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Hollywood Star Judges Others’ Judgment to be Judgmental

Matt Damon

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Matt Damon, star of such hits as The Bourne IdentityGood Will Hunting and The Martian, has judged the judgment of others to be judgmental. In a recent interview for Variety, the A-list actor singled out Christians who believe in things like the creation account recorded in the Bible as being “particularly clueless and judgmental”.

“Nobody that stupid should be trusted with anything important,” observed Damon. “Every time they talk about their beliefs, they’re practically shouting to the world: Hey, look at me! I’m a moron!”

“They’re just so profoundly clueless, backwards, ignorant, and straight up dumb that it’s hard to believe that anyone would take them seriously as anything but a threat to the survival of mankind,” continued Damon in an increasingly exasperated tone. “I mean, it’s a miracle these people are able to breathe and walk at the same time.”

“They actually believe that there’s a God who made the earth and everything in it over the past several thousand years and that there are objective standards of truth, good, evil, morality and ethics,” Damon noted in near apoplectic anger. “Everybody with even half a brain knows that there is no absolute standard for any such thing!”

When asked in the interview how these Christians – or anyone else – could ever be called wrong, bad, evil or anything else along those lines in a world where there is no objective standard by which to measure such concepts, Damon just sort of sat there.

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