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Hillsong Hires “The Dude” As New Director of Communications And Community Outreach


VENICE, CA – Pastors Brian Houston and Bobbie Houston of Hillsong Church appeared at a press conference today to announce the hiring of legendary LA-area slacker Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski as Hillsong’s Director of Communications and Community Outreach.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to have The Dude on our team,” Mrs. Houston gleefully gushed as she motioned toward Mr. Lebowski, who was seated to her left in a canary yellow lawn chair wearing a brown bathrobe and flip flops while sipping on a White Russian. “His Dudeness – or Duder or el Duderino, if you prefer – is the perfect man for the job as Hillsong aims to spread the message that Jesus loves everyone no matter what they do or do not do with their lives.”

“We understand that having or even wanting a job at all is a very new thing for Mr. Lebow… ummm, The Dude,” added Mr. Houston. “And that makes him the perfect choice for Hillsong! El Duderino’s well established track record of avoiding even the most basic elements of sound judgment combined with his cool, confident vibe and warm, unassuming style of communication, make him the perfect face for our organized assault on the concept of judgment.”

“Nobody exudes lack of judgment like The Dude. And nobody believes in that message more than Hillsong.”

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