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Local Church Content To Just Kick Back And Let The Culture Go To Hell


BENTON, AR – Leadership and members of a Benton area church are perfectly content to just kick back and let the culture go to hell around them.

“We just want to get people saved,” said pastor Bud Childress. “This culture’s going down faster than a bum on a bologna sandwich, and there’s nothing we can do about that. There’s no point in polishing brass on the Titanic…or rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic…or, well…you get the point: It’s the Titanic.”

Members of Childress’ church appreciate the low- to no-pressure approach taken to discipleship in favor of a “just accept Jesus as Savior and do whatever you want” spin on religion.

“We don’t sweat the details,” said Jenny Applewood, long time church member and mother of two young students at a local State-run discipleship program/elementary school. “We just want to know the Lord as Savior and that’s about it. We’re good to go after that. We don’t feel any real pressure, desire, or need to know anything more about Him, and our church home has been very supportive and encouraging in that. We just love pastor Childress’ low-key, generic, detail-free approach to Christianity!”

“The bottom line is that the Titanic is going down, and there’s nothing we can do to stop it,” Childress added. “So why would we bother to try to improve anything on the Titanic? So why care about the arts on the Titanic? Why engage in politics on the Titanic? Why be involved in trying to save law, economics, business and government on the Titanic when we know that it’ll never amount to anything and that the Titanic is going straight to the bottom anyway?”

“We need to just get people saved and enjoy the ride down as much as possible.”

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