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“God’s Not Dead 2: God’s Still Not Dead” Unfortunately Not An April Fools Joke


HOLLYWOOD, CA – According to a recent press release from PureFlix, the producers of “God’s Not Dead 2: God’s Still Not Dead”, the long announced April 1 release date for the film was not, as many had hoped, a telltale sign that the entire production was actually an April Fools’ Day joke. The film is in fact real and will hit theaters at the beginning of next month.

“I guess I shouldn’t be surprised,” bemoaned Chicago film-loving Christian Anthony Jacobs. “I was hoping that one of these would have been understood to be one too many, but with millions of Christians lining up to fork over their cash to see this sort of thing, a sequel was inevitable. I can only pray that it will end at two God’s Not Deads.”

Some expressed more serious theological concerns over the release of “God’s Not Dead 2: God’s Still Not Dead”.

“Well, the whole premise of the first one was putting God on trial, which, you know, is one of the more clearly and repeatedly forbidden concepts in all of Scripture…not that 99% of American Christians would know or care at this point,” warned pastor Terry Langsford of Knoxville, Tennessee. “I can only imagine how another God’s Not Dead will trample Scripture in the name of advancing ‘Christian values’ in America.”

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