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Benny Hinn Raises X-Wing From Dagobah Swamp During TBN Telethon


COSTA MESA, CA – In a stunning display of “The Force of Faith”, Benny Hinn raised a completely submerged X-Wing fighter from the swamps of Dagobah during the live broadcast of a TBN sheep-fleecing telethon event.

“I claim this X-Wing for my dear friend Creflo Dollar, who has been in dire need of such a craft since realizing that his new Gulfstream G650 just wasn’t cool enough,” Hinn announced with his eyes closed in intense focus and an arm outstretched over the capacity Fleece-A-Thon crowd, who stood mesmerized by giant screens showing what appeared to be an iconic scene from Star Wars Episide V: The Empire Strikes Back.

“Remember: If you just believe – if you just have enough faith – you…can…do…anything!” added Hinn emphatically, still in deep focus as the X-Wing was slowly brought safely to rest on the massive flat panel screens behind him. “You really can move mountains!”

“Or X-Wings!”

As soon as the resurrected spacecraft came to a safe stop on the screens behind Hinn, the crowd of thousands immediately began heaving wave after wave of wallets, purses, checkbooks, car keys and anything else of value onto the stage.

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