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Health And Wealth Preacher Laughs Off Inability To Cure His Own Male Pattern Baldness


COSTA MESA, CA – Famed TBN health and prosperity preacher Josiah King today attempted to laugh off building criticism of his ministry coming from many who cannot help but notice that King, who preaches a gospel of guaranteed physical health and gaudy material wealth right here and now for those with “enough true faith”, apparently does not have enough faith to cure or even slow down the progress of his own male pattern baldness.

“How can you tell people who have cancer that they’re sure to be cured if only they really and truly believe when you can’t even prevent your own hair loss and need glasses to clearly see your rapidly balding head in a mirror?” noted a longtime King skeptic in an online forum dedicated to exposing balding and/or nearsighted health and wealth preachers. “How can you tell someone with one leg that they’ll supernaturally grow another and be able to walk again if only they believe hard enough when you can’t even get a single solitary follicle to pop out of the shiny wasteland on the top of your own head?”

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