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Joel Osteen “Not Sure” How Martyrdom Could Possibly Be God’s Best For Anyone


HOUSTON, TX – Lakewood Megachurch Pastor Joel Osteen, while having “great respect” for Christian martyrs of the past and present, has no idea how anyone in their right mind would consider martyrdom to be “God’s best” for anyone.

“God has a wonderful plan for everyone’s life,” explained Osteen. “And there’s really nothing wonderful at all about being eaten alive by lions or roasted alive after being dipped in oil and lit on fire.”

“So while I have great respect for those who have been martyred for the faith that has given me my fabulous wealth, international fame, and gorgeous, toothy smile,” Osteen added with a gorgeous, toothy smile. “I simply cannot condone martyrdom as a true expression of God’s best for anyone.”

“It’s pretty much antithetical to everything I know and teach about faith and the gospel.”

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