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Bernie Sanders “Appalled” At System’s Redistribution Of Delegates He’s Worked So Hard To Earn


ALBANY, NY – White haired and white hot Democrat Socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, riding a seven state win streak in Democrat Party primary and caucus events, is “appalled” at the way the political system is rigged to punish those who win in direct competition through their hard work, only to redistribute results in a manner that favors those who work less, do less, win less, produce less, and are named Hillary Clinton.

“It’s appalling and disgusting to see what is going on here in America,” raged Sanders from the stage of a campaign rally in downtown Albany, surrounded by a sea of nearly 15,000 supporters while Hillary Clinton campaigned in a cafe down the street, mingling with around 25 people who just wanted to drink their coffee and for her to go away already. “I have taken my message of the confiscation and redistribution of wealth from the producers so that it can be given to those who work less, do less, and produce less, and that message has resonated all across the land, so much so that I have now won seven – SEVEN – states in a row!”

“Yet with each state I win with my message of State-run confiscation and redistribution of wealth, I only seem to fall farther behind my opponent in pledged delegates to the Democrat Party convention,” added an increasingly unhinged Sanders to the roaring applause of thousands of people who will vote for whomever promises to give them more of other people’s stuff. “This cannot stand! We cannot allow The System to redistribute the hard earned fruits of my intense, long-running, self-sacrificial labors this way!”

“It’s just not right!”

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