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Rick Warren Releases “The Purpose-Driven Mosque” Book To Help Christians Appreciate Islam And Other False Religions


LAKE FOREST, CA – In order to further promote and capitalize on the building Chrislam movement, through which Christians and Muslims are encouraged to seek out and embrace shared foundations of understanding, Saddleback Megachurch CEO Rick Warren has announced the release of a new book entitled The Purpose-Driven Mosque.

“We’re all looking for purpose. We’re all looking for community. And we’re all looking for ways to bring people together in our churches or mosques or whatever,” explained Warren at a Saddleback hosted product launch event while standing in front of a giant mural depicting images of 11th century crusaders and Islamic warriors hugging and handing each other flowers while rainbows cover the sky above them and unicorns frolic around them. “We just want to be real here and seize the opportunity that we have to bring peace between religious views that really do have a lot in common. We want to help Christians better understand and appreciate false gods like Allah and dead religions like Islam.”

“To that end, my new book, The Purpose-Driven Mosque, will come out next week,” added a bubbly, warm and friendly Warren. “With videos, ball caps, turbans and t-shirts to follow shortly thereafter.”

“We want to do all that we can to marginalize and eventually obliterate the distinctives that are keeping Christians and Muslims apart, and we want to do that in as profitable and product-drenched a manner as possible.”

“So remember: God is good!”

“And Allahu Akbar!

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