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Jim Caviezel Stops Signing Autographs As “J.C.”; Says It’s Too Confusing For Some People


HOLLYWOOD, CA – Jim Caviezel has announced through his agent that he will no longer be signing autographs using only his initials, no matter how much he is begged or offered in bribe.

“I’m very thankful to those who think enough of my work to want an autograph. I really am,” noted Caviezel in an interview following the announcement of his new rules for autograph signing. “I’m humbled and honored by each and every request.”

“But some people get a little confused by movies. They get a little confused by pictures. And I don’t want to add to the confusion, so I’m trying to help by making this change in the way that I sign things so that, you know, I might help to make things clearer to those who are having a hard time with reality.”

“More specifically, the reality that I’m just Jim Caviezel.”

“Not J.C.”

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