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Peter Popoff Thrills Fans By Levitating Their Wallets Into His Hands


PENSACOLA, FL – Frequently disgraced faith healing televangelist Peter Popoff is thrilling fans on his “Your Faith/My Fortune” tour by supernaturally levitating wallets, watches, and other valuables out of their possession and into his.

“This is something I’ve been working on and praying about for a very long time,” said a jubilant Popoff while lugging overflowing baskets of loot backstage after an evening Your Faith/My Fortune presentation. “To finally be able to literally levitate wallets and jewelry right out of the pockets and off the fingers, wrists and necks of my dear, sweet supporters is the realization of a dream I’ve had since I was three.”

Popoff fans seemed almost as happy to have their valuables airlifted away as Popoff was to receive them.

“It was incredible!” gushed Mable Underwood, an 83-year-old fan who traveled up from Miami to attend both afternoon and evening sessions of the Your Faith/My Fortune tour in Pensacola. “The way he is able to lift the wallet right out of your purse without even touching it is just amazing!”

“That has to be a gift from God!” added a gleeful Ms. Underwood. “It was so awesome to experience the first time in the afternoon session that I had to go buy a new wallet and load it up with cash for the evening event just to see if he could do it again.”

“And he did!”

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