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Target Rolls Out “TransToddlers” Clothing Line For Children Of Profoundly Confused Parents


MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Hot off the successful launch of its TransJenner line of clothing for men pretending to be women, Target Stores, Inc. has followed up with a “TransToddlers” line aimed at tapping into the rapidly growing market of profoundly confused parents seeking to pass on to their helpless children a completely self-focused, emotion-driven worldview utterly detached from reality.

The new line of children’s clothes will be marketed under Target’s new TransJenner brand and will be promoted by TransJenner spokesperson and crossdressing father of six, Bruce Jenner.

“We’re just so pleased to have this fine new line of gender neutral children’s clothing to offer to parents who are committed to sacrificing their innocent, helpless little ones to the LGTBQR cause,” explained a heavily made-up Jenner in a deep, gravelly voice at a product launch event featuring androgynous clowns and creeper vans sporting the Target TransToddlers logo, which will soon be dispatched to play ice-cream truck music and hand out free samples from the new TransToddler line in suburbs across America. “It’s so important that we take every opportunity to transform the minds of the young.”

“Public schools, as committed as they are to promoting the sexual chaos and gender insanity of the LGTBQR movement, can only be expected do so much.”

“The sexually confused parent market has been so neglected for so long and is growing so fast,” added an emotional Jenner before pausing to wipe away a mascara-laden tear. “We can’t just stand by and miss this incredible opportunity to immerse the next generation in sexual and gender confusion from the very start.”

“Biology shouldn’t be binding. Children should be taught from the very beginning that they are free to be whatever they feel or imagine themselves to be. Or, more importantly, what their profoundly confused LGBTQR-discipled parents want them to be.”

“Nothing says progress like a gender bending onesie.”

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