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Child Explains Seasons To Climate Change Cultists


SAN DIEGO, CA – During a routine climate change awareness presentation made by staff at the Sand Diego Zoo to visiting groups of children, one young boy stepped up and seized the opportunity to kindly correct the evangelical climate change cultists in question by trying to help them understand the nature of what he referred to as “seasons”.

“You see, change in the climate isn’t actually all that weird or bad. It’s actually pretty normal,” noted six-year-old Miguel Sanchez of Los Angeles, who was visiting the zoo with his mother as part of a homeschool group. “Climate change happens all the time.”

“It’s called ‘seasons’.”

“And even when there are changes over longer periods of time, that isn’t necessarily weird or bad either. It’s been happening forever.”

Professional zoo staff were clearly baffled and visibly shaken at the suggestion that climate change has been a normal part of life on earth pretty much forever.

Young Mr. Sanchez was optimistic that he’d helped to plant some seeds of thought during his time with the zoo people.

“I just think they’ve never heard of these simple things before, that’s all,” added Miguel, who hopes to be a real professional scientist one day, especially since there are so few real ones around right now. “And if they have heard of these things, they’ve obviously never thought much about them.”

“I hope I helped them to grow up and stop acting like a bunch of terrified little girls over nothing scarier than summer following spring.”

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