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Rick Warren Praises Southern Baptist “Mosques Across America” Program As “Just What We Need To Bring People Together”


NASHVILLE, TN – With tensions rising between Muslims and pretty much everyone else in the country, Saddleback megachurch pastor and Chrislam advocate Rick Warren is praising recent efforts by the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) to help foster religious liberty and tolerance by openly encouraging Muslims to build mosques all over America.

The SBC’s new “Mosques Across America” program seeks to “encourage Southern Baptists to show true American Christian love for our openly Allah-worshiping neighbors by taking a meaningful stand for their right to openly operate mosques anywhere they like here in America,” explained Dr. Russell Moore, president of the SBC’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, during a press event last month at which the new SBC mosque supporting initiative was formally launched. “When it comes to religious tolerance and enabling people to do what they feel is right, regardless of anything that any particular God or Bible has said on the matter, it’s time for us as good American Baptists to put our money where our mouth is and help our Muslim friends build the mosques that they need!”

Saddleback pastor Rick Warren, who recently changed his name to Muhammad Hussein Warren in order to help advance the Chrislamic cause and promote his new book, The Purpose-Driven Mosque, had nothing but praise for the new SBC mosque-building initiative.

“I think it’s just wonderful,” Warren gushed during a visit to Nashville to personally drop off a giant crescent shaped bouquet of flowers at SBC headquarters. “What better way to demonstrate true Christian love and compassion at this critical time than by saying to our Muslim brothers and sisters, ‘Hey, we love you and we want to help you to build a mosque anywhere you like!'”

“What could be more American than encouraging people to openly worship whatever god they want to worship?

“And what could be more Christian than helping others to build the mosques they need to do just that?”

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