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Local Man Loves The Thought Of Jesus As His Savior; Hates The Thought Of Jesus As His Lord


AUSTIN, TX – A local man wants the world to know that he is utterly unashamed of Christ and wants to make it plain to anyone who will listen that he does, in fact, both accept and adore Jesus as his personal Savior, while simultaneously being crystal clear that he just as emphatically rejects the notion of Jesus as his personal Lord in any kind of meaningful detail.

According to Brian McGregor, a hip, young, upwardly mobile professional who moved to Texas in 2015 in order to “chase after his dreams”, he’s “really been enjoying” his time “growing as a Christian” during the year or so he’s been semi-regularly attending Slow Roast, a trendy, seeker-sensitive, coffee-themed churchy club type thing that started up in downtown Austin nearly three years ago with a focus on meeting the felt needs of what many have come to identify as the “self-absorbed, emotion-driven, and tragically hip pretend Christian” demographic.

When asked how his open embrace of Christ as Savior could coherently exist alongside his open rejection of Christ as Lord, McGregor explained that he has little need for things like “coherence”.

“All I need is Jesus,” explained McGregor. “With Jesus being whatever my feelings and personal experiences tell me He is.”

“The Jesus that I know and adore in my happy, self-referential little heart is all about me. He’s totally into me. He just wants me to be happy. My Jesus came to free me from any law above me,” McGregor added while making an icky face and air-quotes around the word ‘law’. “My Jesus came to liberate be from any and all law, including His own, leaving me free to pick and choose whatever feels good to me, which, basically, when you think about it, makes me my own little god in practice!”

“How cool is that?!”

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