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Jesus Isn’t Anybody’s Co-Pilot, Hundreds Of Annoying Bible Passages Confirm


Despite the sweet sounding and prolifically marketed claims of countless professing Christians wearing t-shirts, drinking from coffee mugs, and driving cars featuring bumper stickers or window signs proclaiming that “Jesus is my co-pilot”, Jesus is, in fact, not anyone’s co-pilot, according to hundreds of crystal clear passages found in the annoyingly confrontational Word of God.

The revelation of Jesus as the sovereign ruler over all of creation, using every bit of it – including all people – as He sees fit to accomplish His purposes on His terms according to His schedule continues to inspire frustration, resentment and even anger in many professing Christians.

“I find the idea of a Jesus who actually owns me along with everything else in creation to be profoundly offensive,” complained Brian Wormwood, lead pastor of Slow Roast Church On The Hill Next To The River With A Bridge Over It. “It goes against everything I know about the gospel, which is all about a nice, kind, meek and mild Jesus begging for us to choose Him as our savior and allow Him through the doorway into our precious little hearts so that He can save us from hell and then pretty much just encourage us and pat us on the back as we go about our lives on our terms as we see fit.”

“This idea of a Jesus who actually chooses and saves His people on His terms according to His schedule for His purposes to accomplish what He wants done in detail in every area of life is just ridiculous!”

“That’s not MY Jesus!”

“I would never worship THAT kind of Jesus!”

“That’s kind of the point,” noted Jesse Hamilton, a teaching elder from a small local Reformed church. “The fact that self-centered men would never willfully choose to serve Christ as King in practice and in detail makes plain the necessity of a Savior who is willing and able to save His people from themselves.”

“No matter what their t-shirts and bumper stickers may say to the contrary.”

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