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Trump Evangelical Panel Seems To Care More About His Campaign Than His Salvation, Observers Note


NEW YORK, NY – In the aftermath of a widely publicized Trump sponsored event culminating in the formation of an “evangelical panel” of consultants committed to counseling the presumptive Republican nominee, many observers are noticing that the evangelicals in question seem to be much more interested in Trump’s campaign than they are in Trump’s salvation.

“It’s like they just want him to beat Hillary no matter what and are happy to worry about the actual Christianity stuff later,” noted casual-yet-thoroughly-disgusted observer of modern Republican political evangelicalism Jason Sharp in a recent blog post covering the Trump event. “Every time Mr. Trump opens his mouth, he makes it as plain as anyone possibly could that he is in desperate need of biblical confrontation and correction in accordance with the Gospel command to repent and submit to Jesus.”

“But apparently nobody in that gaggle of evangelicals’wants to go there.”

“Not enough to upset Mr. Trump and maybe jeopardize their slot on the panel, anyway,” added Sharp. “Instead, they just let him go on and on publically proclaiming himself to be a Christian, each of them waiting their turn not to correct him, but to affirm his claim and enable him to continue on as he is.”

“It’s all so very, very sad.”

Sharp’s assessment, though rarely if ever touched upon by major media mouthpieces in the American evangelical world, is gaining traction with many who are paying even the slightest bit of serious attention to what’s going on here.

“How can you miss it?” asked Katie Haskins of Mobile, Alabama, in a Facebook thread discussing the Trump Evangelical Panel.    “James Dobson says this guy has ‘accepted Jesus’ and that’s supposed to make everything all good? We’re supposed to take that seriously when the man exhibits nothing in the way of biblical conviction and repentance? Are you serious?”

“And who is the ‘preacher’ that supposedly ‘led trump to the Lord’?”

Paula White!”

“Are you kidding me?!”

“You have got to be kidding me!”

“It just makes me sick and mad at the betrayal going on here in the name of secular pragmatism in Christian politics, and it makes me very sad for Donald Trump to see that he has apparently been surrounded by professing Christians who are much more into winning the White House than they are into loving Donald Trump enough to confront him.”

“Do these evangelicals really care so much about securing power in Washington DC and so little about Donald Trump the person that they would actually coddle his rebellion against God and protect him from the loving confrontation and correction at the heart of the true Gospel?”

“Apparently so.”

With evangelical leaders like this, who needs a Whore of Babylon?

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