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Man Dares To Dream Of Independence From Washington DC


TULSA, OK – Even as hundreds of millions of Americans prepare to celebrate the birth of the American State that now regulates or dominates virtually every aspect of their lives in direct contradiction to practically everything about the spirit of freedom and liberty associated with America’s war for independence, one local man is daring to dream of independence from Washington DC.

Eric Christianson, 38, of Tulsa, cites “the way that the state now pretty much controls everything from children’s education and who can drink a beer to the amount of water allowed in a toilet flush and the proper composition of a pillow” as what he calls “pretty good” reasons to reconsider “what freedom and liberty actually mean in America these days”.

“Is it really so strange to wonder why we need Washington DC at all here in Oklahoma, or in Arkansas, or Ohio?” asked Christianson in a recent blog post aimed at contrasting true freedom and liberty with what he called “the comical counterfeits being pimped these days in ‘the land of the free’ and the home of the NSA.”

“Why should the fate of Nebraska be determined by Washington DC and bound to the political winds sweeping California, Massachusetts, and New Jersey?”

“Why should we even listen to DC when it commands us to let transvestite perverts into our girls’ restrooms, or when it commands us to legalize ‘gay marriage’, or when it tells us we have to allow baby boys and girls to be murdered openly in abortion clinics, or when it claims ownership of our sons and daughters to feed into its perpetual war machine by way of the draft?” added Christianson. “Is it just me, or is this completely nuts?”

“And cowardly, too.”

“It just seems like the antithesis of what a truly free people ought to even consider putting up with.”

When asked what they thought of Christianson’s controversial views on freedom, liberty, and basic adulthood, his neighbors expressed concern and suspicion as to “why he can’t just be a good, happy, obedient American who uncritically enjoys celebrating America like the rest of us.”

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