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Christian Mingle Forced To Find Dates For Bruce Jenner


LOS ANGELES, CA – In keeping with the long established trend of forcing themselves upon anyone not willing to accommodate their perverted desires, LGBT advocates have successfully coerced Christian Mingle, the “largest and fastest growing community of online Christian singles”, to begin finding dates for the likes of Bruce Jenner and Trey Pearson. To the surprise of no one, the successful rape of the Christian matchmaking service was accomplished via lawsuit in California.

Pearson, a recently out-of-the-closet “Christian rock star” who abandoned the Christian commitment he’d made to his wife and two children so that he could openly pursue sex with men, must now be allowed to “date” via Christian Mingle, according a recent court ruling. Other professing Christians like Bruce Jenner, who claims to be a Republican Christian woman, are now legally entitled to be connected with the likes of Pearson via the “Christian matchmaking service” should they wish to do so, the American legal system has determined.

When asked why people seeking same-sex sexual relationships couldn’t just use any of the millions of other apps, sites, avenues, and bathhouses routinely employed for such purposes, the homosexual advocates of the lawsuit that forced Christian Mingle to go gay explained that “it’s not enough for us to have a million of our own options available to pursue whatever perversion our hearts may desire”.

“We want everyone else to be forced to come along for the ride.”

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