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Sanders Berns Supporters; Tells Them To Accept Rigged System And Vote Hillary


PHILADELPHIA, PA – In a primetime speech that contradicted basically every core principle he pretended to embrace on the campaign trail, Bernie Sanders buckled, folded, and utterly betrayed his followers by encouraging them to embrace the choreographed results of a rigged Democrat Party primary process and support it’s pre-selected nominee, Hillary Clinton.

In a press release posted just before Sanders took the stage to speak at the Democrat Party’s Philadelphia convention, his campaign advised his followers to “just suck it up, stop whining about principles, accept the completely rigged system, and vote Hillary”.

Legions of socialist, Marxist, and Satanist Sanders supporters were crushed by the collapse and complete sellout of their hero, with many pledging to never, ever, ever vote for Clinton.

“Hillary is the epitome of everything Bernie ran against,” cried 26-year-old former Sanders supporter Ziggy Weedhead from the convention floor as he wiped away tears of frustration with the corner of a Soviet flag draped over his quivering shoulders. “I just can’t believe that the same Bernie just told me to vote for that warmongering, lying tool of Goldman Sachs.”

“I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Hillary will expand the welfare state, which is nice,” added Weedhead. “But I just can’t believe that Bernie has betrayed us this way. I can’t believe that he turned out to be a total sellout politician like Hillary and all the rest of the political puppet show goons owned and operated by the big banks and corporations.”

“It’s a sad day for America when you can’t even trust a stark raving socialist like Bernie Sanders to remain true to his principles!”

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